Baseball Unlimited specializes in providing professional instruction in multiple aspects of the game (especially hitting). The greatest successes are when players come in and they just can't hit the ball; they strike out most of the time, are frustrated, and do not enjoy playing. Getting them to make consistent contact in (usually) just one or two lessons allows them to enjoy playing, and not to worry about looking bad when their at bat comes up.
Note that while striking out and not making contact is the worst thing, it is also the easiest to fix. Basic contact is relatively easy to attain, it's the "good" or "hard" contact that can be difficult to achieve.
I've had literally hundreds of players go from no contact at all to 80+ % on the first day. The excitement and smiles on their faces are priceless!

Players with more advanced skills, once the basic mechanics are solid will work on driving / extending through the ball with power to all fields, controling the front shoulder and plate coverage, zoning pitchers, etc. These are the skills necessary for players who don't just want to play, but want to excel, and perhaps play beyond high school.

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