Cancellation Policy


Dear parents and students:

After many years of private instruction, I have found it necessary to have a set policy regarding missed lessons.

Any lesson that is not cancelled by 6:00pm the day before the lesson will have to be paid for.

While I understand that unforeseen circumstances do arise, I hope you understand that myself or another instructor is there and the facilities are set aside for you. If you do not show up, or give us any time to re-arrange the schedule, the space still must be paid for, and the instructor still has to get paid. It is not fair to expect that this time not be paid for.

Lessons missed due to dangerous roads, snow, and ice are exceptions to the policy, but please still call as soon as you know that you will not make it.

Clinics and camps cannot be made up if they are missed. Any clinic or camp that has to be cancelled due to weather will be made up by adding a session at the end, or some other convenient time.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Yours in baseball,

Jim Bellantoni
Owner, Baseball unlimited