No clinics are planned at this time. Going forward clinics will be held during the Winter, as well as during the day when schools are off (Christmas, February, and April vacation weeks).

  • Hitting (bat speed/quickness, avoiding getting jammed, hitting to all fields, eye contact, curve balls, power vs. contact swing, and more! A combination of purpose-specific drills and live hitting will be done.
  • Pitching mechanics will be avalable as part of the clinic for those who pitch, as part of our defensive program.
  • Sac bunt
  • Infielding and outfielding throwing motions (they are different)
  • Base hit bunt
  • Sliding (3 different slides)
  • Base Running (Different slides and how to do them safely, getting out of the box, taking turns, quick starts)
  • Catching in position to throw quickly
  • Coach B's famous baseball challenge!
  • Double play feeds and pivots
  • Basic ground balls
  • Quick hands
  • Backhands
  • General conditioning and athleticism
  • Choppers
  • Steal starts/reading pitchers (13-up only)
  • Throwing on the run
  • Fun competitions and games


  • Players should wear sneakers or turf shoes
  • Shorts are fine, but always bring long pants for sliding and fielding (you will be laying out/diving!)
  • T-shirt or sweatshirt, but always bring something with long sleeves... more diving!
  • Every player must bring his own bat and glove every day
  • It is recommended that players have their own helmets
  • Water is available and sports drinks can be purchased
  • A desire to work hard, have fun, and become a better player!