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Here's a baseball quiz that won't ever ask such things as "Who was the RBI leader in 1953?". This is not baseball 'trivia', these are baseball questions! These questions originated in 1996 at Baseball Camp where the coaches would ask a question and we'd give out prizes for right answers. The harder the question the bigger the prize. It became so popular that for the rest of the year in between camps I'd get E-mails from campers trying to answer the harder questions!


LEVEL I They don't get any easier than these!


A. High School?
B. Little League?
C. Major League?


LEVEL II OK some of these might actually require you to think a little bit, so prepare yourself!




LEVEL III How are you doing so far? Does this make that Algebra test look a little more appealing now?




LEVEL IV Just admit it, you bought a rule book and called your cousin in Florida and asked him didn't you?


I hope you enjoyed trying to get some of these. I won't post the answers, but if you wanna take a shot at some. E-mail me the question with your answer and I will tell you if you're right. Please put "Baseball Quiz" in the subject of the E-mail.

There were a total of 20 questions. If you got 10 of them I'd say you definetely deserve to

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